Remember The Life Is Beautiful

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GONNO | Remember The Life Is Beautiful (Mule Musiq) – CD

Remember The Life Is Beautiful


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Gonno‘s second full-length, Remember The Life Is Beautiful, lives up to its name. It gushes with starry-eyed house and Balearic flourish, but not in spurts of flat optimism – it has complexity, diversity, eccentricity and depth. Rarely do the tracks clock in below five minutes, and Gonno readily coasts on a drum pattern or melodic sequence. He bides his time, but does so to, say, accentuate the impact of an incoming harmony or tease a bassline’s imminent arrival. And most songs are richly kaleidoscopic enough that taking a moment to hear it swirl in place is a pleasure of patience. This is dance music for daydreamers, and as such, it can wander off on occasion.”

Patric Fallon | Resident Advisor


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