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I AWAKE | The Core – Download 16/24bit – CD (Ultimae Records)
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The Core


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Product Description

Stockholm based ambient downtempo producer Thomas Huttenlocher aka I Awake follows up his digital Ep release Birth with a full length album The Core. Built as a journey of audio neural beauty through organic microcosms, electronic vortexes, deep, tribal beats and vast soundscapes, the album takes us on a pilgrimage of sounds, with scents of parallel lives, glimpses of the future and overlapping, coexisting dimensions.

A superfine blend of psychedelic spurs, groovy bass lines and catchy melodies composed with the collaboration of Krister Linder, Fredrik Lundberg, Tara Devi and Planet Boelex. As a film soundtrack producer, I Awake is one of the key figures of Ghostfriend, a Swedish underground movement of creators with a “peculiar devotion to the present and strong love for the innermost“.

For the first time in Ultimae‘s history of releases, the artwork was created by famous digital artist and designer David Vine├»s aka Sub88.