Where Edges Meet

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JAMES MURRAY | Where Edges Meet – Download 16bit (Ultimae Records)

Where Edges Meet


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Product Description

Debut album Where Edges Meet from British composer James Murray subtly evokes the rumble and clatter of London’s industrial wastelands, leading us to its secret gardens and wide parks with crystalline, haunting melodies.
As a gifted multi-instrumentalist James has intelligently merged the organic and synthetic realms into delicate and daring soundscapes – all vividly evocative of sense and space.

Where Edges Meet is an intimate and ambiguous album, a wistful playground for broken breakbeats, jazz inflections, sideways dub and avant-garde electronica. 9 colourful tracks to delight your ears and challenge your mind.

Written & produced by James Murray.
Mastered by Huby Sea and Vincent Villuis | GingerHill Studio.
Artwork by Vincent Villuis.