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LAWRENCE | Films & Windows (Dial Records) – CD

Films & Windows


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Almost a decade after his last Dial Records album, after an enormous amount of releases on labels like Pampa, Mule Musiq, Ghostly International, Kompakt, Styrax and many more, Lawrence continues with a wonderful selection of extraterrestrial dance music: Films & Windows. As the album title suggests, Lawrence as a cineast and voyeur is inspired by an endless number of screened movies and real life films, some only appearing while watching landscapes, stars and people passing by in front of a train window. While wondering through moments like this, strange ideas of colorful sounds will occur inside the mind of the musician.

The ideal approach would be to transfer these ideas into music without any norms or rules – but there is the club and it was always there. So Films & Windows, wherever it started, the arrival should always be the dancefloor of miracles with frenzied people, addicts of outer world’s soul. Since over 20 years these clubs and night outs exist in the life of Lawrence, the Front, the 90ies WMF, Golden Pudel Club, Click, Sud Electronic, Panorama Bar, Robert Johnson, Smallville, Yellow, Precious Hall. House Music, Techno, Alienfunk, the Unheard, the Unseen, Magic everywhere. And the Club is the center of the universe, just for a moment, for a night and a day, a place where time does not exist – where we all turn into Angels at Night.


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