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Dial Records was founded in 2000 in Hamburg, Germany by David Lieske, Pawel Kominek and Peter M. Kersten and is now based in Berlin, where regular showcases at Panorama Bar present the eccentric groove of the label.

Dial Records is a music label focusing primarily on postminimal dance music. The Label has released a number of influential 12″es and full-length albums by artists such as Pantha Du Prince, Efdemin, Roman Flügel, John Roberts, Lawrence and Carsten Jost.

Besides it’s electronic dance releases, the uncompromising release policy of Dial Records allows a huge variety of music including the singer-songwriters Phantom Ghost and Dominique, drones and experiments by Phillip Sollmann, Queens and Glühen4, chamber music by Christian Naujoks.

Another claim of the label is the unique grafik design by Till Sperrle and an extraordinary selection of cover artists featuring Amelie von Wulffen, Christian Flamm, Hanna Schwarz, Mathias Poledna, Monika Michalko, Sergej Jensen, Christian Doering and many others.