Something Is Missing

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PHILLIP SOLLMANN |  Something Is Missing (Dial) – Cassette

Something Is Missing


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With the re-release of Phillip Sollmann’s Something Is Missing, Dial Records presents a true milestone in it’s 20 years history. Finally available for digital download and streaming along with a limited tape edition, it is the frst conceptual album by the artist, originally released on Compact Disc in 2006.

Phillip Sollmann recorded the five pieces (“room one – fve”) over two years, inspired by a new thinking of sound in space, while studying computer music at the Viennese University. Besides countless releases under his Techno moniker Efdemin on Naif, Ostgut Ton and Dial Records, Phillip Sollmann dedicates large parts of his artistic life to contemporary and experimental music. After appearances on several Eps, such as The Pyramid Drif (Dial Records), collaborations with John Gürtler (Gegen Die Zeit, Sky Walking), Konrad Sprenger and Oren Ambarchi (Panama / Suez) and his solo project Monophonie, Phillip Sollmann currently works on the Modular Organ System. Here again he improves a very specifc approach to drone composition, a practice that started with the cyclical & shimmering tones of Something Is Missing.