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MICHAL WOLSKI | La Mer ( Recognition ) – CD

La Mer


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Michal Wolski is a Polish musician, music journalist, radio DJ and tireless promoter of dub techno aesthetics. Eight extended compositions on his new record La Mer recall those special moments when sound becomes a movement of a kinetic sculpture, an abstract painting, or a cinematic report from the Arctic solitude.

Personal and introvert, yet simultaneously carrying certain universal message, sound space created by Wolski manages to seduce listener and inhale her/him for whole 75 minutes. Associations with sculptural work with matter are not purely arbitrary. On his fourth full-length, artist consciously shapes complex and saturated form, further developing – on evidence on his earlier releases – penchant for exploring darker alleys of synthesis and sound design. In his varied and consistent narration, one can find a whole range of references to noblest protoplasts such as Pan Sonic, Rhythm & Sound, or even Vatican Shadow’s desert manipulation. However, the key to album’s consistency does not rely on the power of quote, it rather manifests itself in sheer scale and depth of imagined atmospheres and non-existent geographies. But Wolski’s constructs are much more than a set of sea sound fantasies. La Mer is a highly individualist vision of new worlds of listening AND hearing, truly deep acoustic ecology in time of overall hiss.


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