Motor City Drum Ensemble | Selectors 001

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MOTOR CITY DRUM ENSEMBLE | Selektor 001 (Dekmantel) – CD

Motor City Drum Ensemble | Selectors 001


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MCDE shares some of his most prized gems on this compilation that kicks of the limited Dekmantel selectors series.

As such, 2016 will see the launch of both a limited-capacity festival and compilation series, both bearing the Selectors name. The compilations will come first, with Motor City Drum Ensemble, Young Marco, and Joy Orbison at the helm of the initial three chapters.

In truth, Plessow‘s relationship with Dekmantel dates back to the earliest days of the Motor City Drum Ensemble project, making him a natural candidate to head up the inaugural Selectors compilation.

As expected, he’s thrown himself into the task; selecting a want list from his collection of 15,000 records was no easy task, but getting permission for the final tracklist was even tougher.

Basically,” he explains, “the approach for the compilation was, ‘If I walked into a record store, what kind of compilation would I buy’ That’s what I did.


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