DUBSUIT | Eigenleben (Ornaments)

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DUBSUIT | Eigenleben (Ornaments)

Eigenleben” was written and produced by Holger Flinsch & Martin Müller from March ’05 till June ’06 in Hochtaunus, Ohmgebirge and Humboldthain. After 10 years it is the first time available as limited clear marbled 180g vinyl,recycled grey sleeve.

Creating something selfexistent might be the most difficult part of doing arts – something that isn’t just a rigid thing but an entity of itself. Our goal is to bear something upon our technical possibilities without involving any other entity’s energy.

Our selfexistent entity should be made up of dead matter and brought to life by technical components which interact with their surrounding and make decisions based on observations which are being analyzed and torn through programs to calculate potential procedures. It should not be limited to its current level of experience. To remain state-of-the-art, apprehension and intelligence are indispensable capabilities our entity should be able to make use of.

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