Lāsya Virtual Festival | Friday 11th June at 5am PDT / 2pm CET. on 9128.live

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Lāsya Virtual Festival

Lāsya Virtual Festival | Friday 11th June at 5am PDT / 2pm CET. on 9128.live

Welcome to  the Lāsya Virtual Festival which presents performances by 11 artists (lives & DJ sets) from all around the globe for 13 hours non-stop of Ambient and Deep Techno. The event will be streamed on the online media 9128.live. (please find below all the useful links). Meeting Point is Friday 11th June at 5am PDT / 2pm CET. 

AES Dana (Live)
Arkean (Hybrid/Live)
Birds Ov Paradise (Live)
Cinnamint (Live)
Dash (DJ)
Eric Cloutier (DJ)
Klara (DJ)
Knower (DJ)
Mental (DJ)
Unjin (DJ)
Zemög (Live)

The term Lāsya, in the context of Hindu mythology, describes the dance performed by Goddess Parvati as it expresses love, care, happiness and is filled with grace and beauty. The Lāsya was the second phase of creation, in response to Shiva’s Tandava dance that gave birth to the Universe. It combined to form the triad, “laya”, “pralaya” & “shunya” – the cyclic motion of things from resonance to dissolution, from stillness to movement, from sound to silence, and such represents the dialectical “being-nonbeing-becoming”. In a literal sense, Lāsya means softer, it is the divine feminine nature in all of us which manifests as beauty, happiness, enchanting, and grace.
We may be silenced by law, but our nature is movement. ~ We are joining together on this dance, 11 by number, for a 13h of exclusive live stream takeover on 9128.live

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