MAX ANANYEV | Water Atlas (Serein) – CD

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MAX ANANYEV | Water Atlas (Serein) - CD

MAX ANANYEV | Water Atlas (Serein) – CD

Serein may not be the most prolific label in the field (this is their second title for 2018), but when they release a new title you can be sure it is worth checking out.

They combine quality control with a broad-minded view which means that each release bears new surprises and spans different genres.

Water AtlasMax Ananyev‘s first full album for Serein (his earlier two albums Communication and The Way To The Ocean were released by Preserved Sound) – for instance, can be labelled as an ‘ambient’ album for most part of it. But it breaks away from the usual constrictions of the genre by using acoustic instruments in a somewhat more ‘jazzy’ setting. A refreshing sound, different without breaking the atmosphere.

On Water Atlas, Max Ananyev aims to take you to mysterious places hidden deep in your own imagination.


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