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JAMES MURRAY | Ghostwalk (Ultimae) – Vinyl/Download



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 High-quality download in FLAC & WAV

Product Description

Catch a fresh glimpse of British composer James Murray’s sound with Ghostwalk, a haunting three track EP featuring remixes by Martin Nonstatic and French newcomers Kinosura.
Deep bass grooves and delicate pads wrap and warp around shifting, melancholic melodies – a spectral premonition of Eyes to the Height, the full length album coming on Ultimae Records later this year.

Written & Produced by James Murray
Remix & additional production by Arnaud Galoppe, Aurélien Galoppe & Audric Galoppe on ‘Kinosura remix
Remix & additional production by Martin Van Rossum on ‘Martin Nonstatic remix
Mastering by Vincent Villuis | Ultimae Studio
Artwork by Arnaud Galoppe