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JEFF MILLS | Planets (Axis Records) – 2xCD
JEFF MILLS | Planets (Axis Records) - CD + BLU RAY

Planets (Blu-Ray)


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Planets And A Purpose

There could be intentions and not just coincidences to the timeliness of this and ‘The Planets’ by Gustav Holst. Both released at similar eras of their centuries. Holst in 1918 and Mills at 2017, each are unique in terms of the economic and political conditions and uncertainty of emerging and expanding industries. In 1918, it was the end of the War and the Industrial Age, the replacement of manual labor with the invention of application of the tireless and union-free machine.

In 2017, people are once again, being replaced by another man-made creation, computers and the Internet in the workforce – both eras of societies in transition, both greatly affected by identity, self worth and reflection of what it means to be worthy. Both eras are struggles of being barricaded by the past and forced to recognize the future – even when it’s a future that seems to not recognize everyone.

The story of other Planets could be defined as an alternative to the conditions of the day or the situations here on Earth – a vehicle that looks beyond the points of ‘here and now’ and focuses its view on the possibility that there will be other chances to exist – fresh starts on new worlds with new conditions. If it is intentional, then Planets serves more than just entertainment escapism or educational purposes. It’s mere existence points to the subject of hope and continuation in times when it’s difficult to imagine and if we look forward another 100 years, we might find a similar case where the turn of a Century provokes humans to redefine, create and invent for the preparation of the new era past the new Century and there we might find another observation of The Planets.

Jeff Mills

5.1 surround Blu-Ray (Bonus : interview) + CD set