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Pulsatille | Inmost Orange


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Inmost Orange / Limited Edition / 2xLP Vinyl 180g + High-quality download in FLACWAV & MP3

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Product Description

Ultimae unveils a mesmerizing new album by Dutch composer Martin Nonstatic titled “Pulsatille“. With 12 new tracks that blend ambient, dub techno, IDM and floating acid genres; this opus promises to captivate listeners, taking them on a journey that will awaken their senses and imagination. Martin Nonstatic’s compositions stand out for their poetic sensibility and emotional depth. Diaphanous sounds and resplendent sonic textures strike a delicate balance between introspection and escape. Every track is meticulously crafted to capture the nuances of the soul and provide a profound resonance.

“Pulsatille” is a true artistic tour de force, where Martin Nonstatic skillfully merges atmospheric pads with pulsating rhythms and subtle melodies.
With a discography spanning multiple albums, EPs and collaborations, the composer continues to push boundaries, captivating audiences with his evocative soundscapes and intricate compositions. “Pulsatille” represents his latest artistic endeavor, showcasing his evolution as a musician and cementing his place among electronic music’s most innovative talents.

Written and produced by Martin Van Rossum
Mastering and artwork by Vincent Villuis at Ultimae Studios, Lyon, France
C&P 2023 Ultimae
Release Date:
October 11, 2023