Zadig ‎| Space Time (Sotor Records) – EP

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Zadig ‎| Space Time (Sotor Records) - EP

Zadig ‎| Space Time (Sotor Records) – EP

Following 6 years of Techno activism in Marseille and Casablanca, the French Morrocan Paradox project is moving a step forward with the launch of their new Moroccan label Sotor. Meaning “lines” in the arabic language, Sotor shows here its interest in the various shades of Techno.

The first release, Space time is about the lines of physics and metaphysics and gathers three of the most established artists in the international techno scene. Zadig delivers 2 original tracks while Perc and Oscar Mulero are on remix duty, to write the first lines of the Sotor‘s story.

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