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ROMAN FLÜGEL | All The Right Noises (Dial)

Many would argue that Roman Flugel has been making All The Right Noises for the best part of two decades.Certainly, the prolific German producer’s vast catalogue boasts way more hits than misses, with this latest full-length – his third for Dial – being amongst his strongest work to date. After[…]


AUTECHRE | Tri Repetae (Warp)

Tri Repetae, the third album from Autechre finally made available again on vinyl, having been out of print on vinyl since 2001. On reflection, Tri Repeate stands tall as one of the most out-there (and if you know what that means…) and boundary-pushing releases from Ae ever. Going back to[…]


JAMES MURRAY | Eyes to the Height (Ultimae) | Out Now

Delicate rhythms, blurred atmospherics and crystalline melodies gleam and glisten on the many facets of this modern ambient gem. This is a considered, heartfelt collection of sonic poetry from one of electronica’s most unusual voices – entrusted and dedicated to ears and hearts in this world and beyond. Available on[…]

DJ-Kicks | Daniel Avery (Studio !K7)

DJ-Kicks | Daniel Avery (Studio !K7)

The mix features three new original Avery productions including a track from Rote, a project with BleeDboss Volte-Face. It follows three years’ worth of studio experimentation in-between a life spent on the road touring the enormous success of debut record, Drone Logic, released in 2013 on Erol Alkan‘s wildly psychedelic[…]


MONADH | Muara (Further Records)

This deep into the 21st century, it’s not easy to create ambient music that sounds vital and untainted by hackneyed tropes. Monadh succeeds in this difficult task, through a combination of his field recordings from the Pacific Northwest and meticulously chosen samples mostly lifted and pitch-shifted from library records of[…]



The original concept for Council Estate Electronics was for Justin K Broadrick (Godflesh, Jesu, Final, JK Flesh, Techno Aniamal, Pale Sketcher) and Diarmuid Dalton, via analog synths and electronics, to pay tribute to the synthesizer music they were influenced by in their youth : Tangerine Dream, Throbbing Gristle, Kraftwerk, Cluster,[…]