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10-24 August 2019 | Ultimae Summer Break

10-24 August 2020 | Ultimae Summer Break

Time for a summer break… the office and the shop will be closing on Saturday evening. We will be popping round once in a while to check on any urgent matters but if you are placing orders, chances are they will be shipped on our return, August 25th.

BRUCE BRUBAKER & MAX COOPER | Glassforms (Infiné)

BRUCE BRUBAKER & MAX COOPER | Glassforms (Infiné)

Two leaders from very different musical worlds, the innovative pianist Bruce Brubaker and scientist-now-electronic-artist Max Cooper collaborate to create this latest expression of music by Philip Glass and tell a story of diversity and vulnerability.

FUNCTION | Subject F (Transcendence) (Eaux)

FUNCTION | Subject F (Transcendence) (Eaux)

Seven years after its inception, Eaux is proud to announce the first solo release by an artist other than Rrose. As a member of the Sandwell District collective, David Sumner aka Function was instrumental incultivating the Rrose project.

VA | Espectrum 2 - Ep1 (AvantRoots)

VA | Espectrum 2 – Ep1 (AvantRoots)

Following the successful release of Espectrum: The Avantroots Dub Techno Compilation, Pulshar presents the next chapter. Espectrum II is a collection of eerie, dreamlike and sublime tracks spread over two EP’s.

JON HASSELL | Seeing Through Sound (Ndeya)

JON HASSELL | Seeing Through Sound (Ndeya) – CD/LP

A companion piece to 2018’s Listening To Pictures, this second volume in the pentimento series presents eight new tracks by the music visionary Jon Hassell, continuing his lifelong exploration of the possibilities of recombination and musical gene-splicing.