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Discover NØRBAK Flesh To Ashes (Warm-Up-Recordings)

NØRBAK | Flesh To Ashes (Warm Up Recordings)

The portuguese scfi maker Nørbak is back home after his Faktor EP from January 2019. These non clubbing days look like the perfect scenario for listening to long distance works, so here you have this brand new album to enjoy at your private soundsystem.

Klockworks 31 | TEMUDO | Ultimae Record Store

Klockworks 31 | TEMUDO

Temudo debuts on Klockworks with a powerful four tracker that oscillates between dancefloor-oriented tracks and a journey in his ‘inner self’. DJ and producer João Rodrigues aka Temudo stands out in the emerging Portuguese scene for his contemporary approach to techno, combining precision of sound with modern methodology, while remaining faithful to the soul of the genre.

TM404 | Syra (Kontra-Musik) - 2xLP

TM404 | Syra (Kontra-Musik) – 2xLP

The evolution of Andreas Tilliander’s moniker TM404 has reached its third stage. The first TM404 album was a heavily self-restricted concept album, live recorded with classic Roland machines.

BRIAN ENO | Lux (Warp Records)

BRIAN ENO | Lux (Warp Records)

Lux is Brian Eno‘s first solo album on Warp Records. It finds him expanding upon the types of themes and sonic textures that were present on such classic albums as Music For Films, Music For Airports and Apollo: Atmospheres and Soundtracks. Eno sees it as a continuation of his ‘Music for Thinking’ project that includes Discreet Music (1975) and Neroli (1993).

hoshin the old way to clouds

HOSHIN | The Old Way To Clouds (Databloem)

Hoshin is a project from a classical trained musician from Belgium, who took his first steps in composing Ambient/Electronic in 2004. After releasing some tech-house tracks, he made a trip to Myanmar and was blown away by this incredible sonic environment. He carefully prepared himself for a second trip along with a decent recorder, memory cards and lots of batteries, in order to collect first-ear field recordings for possible use in his ambient works.

February 15 – 21 | Winter Holiday | Ultimae

February 15 – 21 | Winter Holiday 2021

We’re closing the Shop in Lyon and the office for a week to enjoy some winter vacation. Orders placed in the meantime will be shipped on our return on Monday 22nd February 2021. Thanks for your understanding and take care of yourself.