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Ultimae Showcase | Partition Libre

Ultimae Showcase | Partition Libre – 24.09.16

Join us at the record shop this Saturday for a showcase with Partition Libre. De Stijl, Røpe & Focal will be performing from 4pm to 8pm. Bring something to share, free admission. Facebook Event

starseed various artists

STARSEED | Various Artists | Synphaera Records

Matter spreads through space like a cosmic code traversing the universe inside solar windblown motes of space-dust or interwoven into encoded beams of starlight. Explore this cosmic migration through the stars and the origins of life, as the artists on STARSEED evoke the patterns and frequencies of the universe. Every man[…]

JAMES MURRAY | Ghostwalk (Ultimae) - Vinyl EP & Digital Pre-order

JAMES MURRAY | Ghostwalk (Ultimae) – Vinyl EP & Digital Pre-order

We’re delighted to announce the upcoming release of James Murray’s Ghostwalk EP featuring remixes by Martin Nonstatic and Kinosura. After releases on Eilean Records, Voxxov and a trilogy on his own Slowcraft label, the british composer return to Ultimae with a haunting teaser to the full length « Eyes to the[…]

IAN MARTIN | Clairvoyant (diametric.) - Out today

IAN MARTIN | Clairvoyant (diametric.) – Out today

Ian Martin‘s new album is out today. Known for his diverse releases on labels such as Bunker, Panzerkreuz, Further or Shimmering Moods, Ian Martin has developed his very unique own brand of electronic music. To categorize his music is difficult which adds an immense appeal to his approch on his[…]