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MARTIN NONSTATIC Pulsatille Remixes Out Now Ultimae

MARTIN NONSTATIC | Pulsatille Remixes – Out Today

Greetings! A little surprise for you all… Today we’re releasing the “Pulsatille Remixes” on our Ultimae and Bandcamp Stores. This EP features a selection of tracks from the latest MARTIN NONSTATIC album, revisited by Martin himself as well as MIKTEK, EROT, and AES DANA. Expect a fusion of Deep Techno, Psychill, IDM, and Ambient. Each remix brings a unique perspective, enhancing the original compositions with fresh and innovative soundscapes that showcase the versatility and creativity of the artists involved.


AES DANA feat. MIKTEK | Far & Off (Remastered) – Out Now

Greetings! We are proud to announce the official release of the new version of “Far & Off” by AES Dana and Miktek. Completely rethought, remastered, and redesigned, the album embodies a journey of detachment and isolation. In a world inundated with constant stimuli, some people collapse while others seek escape. “Far & Off” is a response to this chaos, offering a retreat into solitude and a different rhythm. Through keys, sounds, and drums, the artists weave contrasting tales, ranging from harshness to tranquility.


AES DANA feat. MIKTEK | Far & Off (Remastered) – Preorders

Far & Off, a collaborative creation by Vincent Villuis and Mihalis Aikaterinis, known as AES DANA and MIKTEK, has been fully rethought – remastered and graphically redesigned. Originally conceived from the essence of three EPs – Cut. | Alkaline | The Unexpected Hours – this album represents a poignant journey born from a period of extended detachment and isolation. We are proud to present it all formats, CD digipack, vinyl and digital.


Martin Nonstatic | Treeline 2xLP Green Moss Edition – Out Now

Panoramic Greetings ! Today marks the official release of the limited edition “Treeline” album by Martin Nonstatic, presented in the Green Moss colorway. Fashioned with meticulous care, this cinematic and electronic marvel whisks listeners away on a journey through rich, ever-evolving landscapes of sound. Guided by intricate rhythms and electrifying glides, it conjures images of dancing at dawn, lost in the hypnotic embrace of elongated dub grooves. With warmest regards, The Ultimae Team Get it on Ultimae Store Get it on Ultimae Bandcamp


Treeline | the Green Moss edition – pre-orders start now

We are delighted to unveil our latest release: a Green Moss limited edition of Martin Nonstatic‘s mesmerizing album, “Treeline“. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this cinematic and electronic masterpiece transports listeners through lush morphing atmospheres, guided by intricate rhythmic patterns and electrifying glides. Picture yourself dancing at dawn, immersed in the deep, hypnotic grooves of stretched-out dub.


Off to Greece, again…

We’ll be on a brief hiatus as we journey to Athens for the Downtempo Paintings event, featuring a stellar lineup including AES Dana, Miktek, Sync24, and Carbon Based Lifeforms. All orders placed during this time will be processed and dispatched promptly on February 20, 2024. We sincerely appreciate your understanding and patience.


Ultimae Winter Sales 2024

Panoramic greetings! Embrace the winter spirit with our Flash Winter Sales, offering an enticing 20% discount on all items, including our notorious packs. Unlock the savings by using the code winter20 at checkout. Act fast, as this promotion runs until February 7, 2024!