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STEVE REICH | Four Organs / Phase Patterns

This record, reissued by the San Francisco-based label Superior Viaduct, was originally released in 1970 by Shandar, a small French label that made an outsized impact on American musical modernism: in its decade-long existence, the imprint managed to release works by Albert Ayler, La Monte Young,Cecil Taylor, Sun Ra, and[…]


NESS | A Personal Voyage Ep (Mental Modern)

These walls have made us the beings we are. They have listened and echoed, our words, our creed, our hate. These walls have tied down the souls of us; they made us insane, hysterics, in observing defenceless, uncredulous that there was not, any reaction. We can only halt us, after[…]


ORPHX and RROSE | Summer Solstice Edition

London based electronic music label Khemia Records announces its second split release vinyl Ep. ‘Aurora‘ on the Lunar side is a new work created for Khemia by venerable Canadian producers Orphx. Crepuscular, infrasonic hydro-acoustics submerge padding rhythms, emerging gradually through oscillations and the caustic snarl of static, into a mutant[…]



Very little is known about CHPTR, other than that the producers behind the alias are two very well known figures from contemporary techno. Their series launched last year with one three-tracker release in October, followed by a similarly formatted one in February of this year. Following on from those, CHPTR[…]


JACEK SIENKIEWICZ | Hideland (Recognition)

Hideland is the new record by Polish electronic music producer Jacek Sienkiewicz, released precisely year after Drifting, which largely explored tropes of classical club techno sound. Eight (nine in extended CD version) tracks comprising this album go beyond easy-to-pigeonhole genres, creating a microcosm of utopian sound constructs. Surprisingly unobvious and[…]


Various Artists | Structures And Solutions: 1996-2016

James Ruskin and Blueprint are two names synonymous with British techno. Ruskin has never really put into words what makes a Blueprint record, but the label has one the most distinctive catalogues of its era. Aside from the music’s excellent production quality and propensity for detailed sound design, a defining[…]


MOGADOR | Overflow Pool (Further Records)

Some records just barely nudge your consciousness, but they do so in such an intriguing manner that their tentativeness and ephemerality lure you in deeper than you expect. Such is the case withOverflow Pool by Mogador, a new project by Will Long. This prolific producer—who is best known for his[…]