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ARTIN NONSTATIC | Apana EP (Ultimae) - Out Now

MARTIN NONSTATIC | Apana EP (Ultimae) – Out Now

Ultimae proudly presents a new release by Martin Nonstatic available on Ultimae and Bandcamp for now and within a few days ready to download and stream from all digital outlets, it’s all in the pipeline! Following the links below you can either chose you preferred digital format or pre-order of[…]

ASC Zenith & Nadir

ASC | Zenith & Nadir (Auxiliary)

First release of 2020 for Auxiliary comes in the form of a six-track EP of slower grooves by ASC. The emphasis is purely on analog synth sequences and drum machines. Cryogenic opens proceedings, with a heavy kick drum, backed with a weighty bass for maximum effect. Monomachine arpeggios are the order of the day[…]

LF58 | Alterazione (Astral Industries) | Ultimae records

LF58 | Alterazione (Astral Industries)

Alterazione presents a critical statement – distinguished by its technical execution and breathtaking artistry. The album itself is a cathedral of sound, each cavernous chamber an exploration of space and consciousness. Presented in four movements (one track per side), altogether they extend as a transportive experience of evolution for the listener.

Discover CHRISTOPHER BISSONETTE | The Wine Dark Sea (Dronarivm)

CHRISTOPHER BISSONETTE | The Wine Dark Sea (Dronarivm)

The Wine Dark Sea is Bissonnette’s fifth solo studio album. The album’s title is derived from the writings of Homer, where he oft referred to a rough and stormy sea as “wine-dark”. Homer’s descriptions of colour are devoid of any reference to the colour blue. And any suggested meaning in his description of the[…]