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RAW C | Antebellum (No.) - CD

RAW C | Antebellum (No.) – CD

Cristobal Rawlins aka Raw C returns to No. on his 3rd appearance for the label with his debut album Antebellum. Channeling the chaotic noise of the bustling cityscape into an aggressive groove to combat the daily torment of the outside world, Raw C presents 9 tracks of funk filled fury[…]

WIL BOLTON | Night Paths (Hidden Vibes) - CD Deluxe

WIL BOLTON | Night Paths (Hidden Vibes) – CD Deluxe

Wil Bolton is a London-based artist and musician, whose work uses guitars, acoustic instruments, vintage keyboards and effects to create warm and emotive melodies, fragmented and submerged among beds of droning ambient textures and environmental sounds. Night Paths is an album of dreamy ambience inspired by reveries of moonlit summer[…]

AES DANA | Pollen (remastered) - CD/Digital Out Today & Vinyl Pre-order

AES DANA | Pollen (remastered) – CD/Digital Out Now & Vinyl Pre-order

We’re happy to announce the second edition of AES Dana’s highly acclaimed POLLEN album fully remastered and with a brand new artwork. Available on CD as from today and double LP on October 12th. We are already taking pre-orders. Pollen | CD/DIGITAL Pollen | Vinyl 2xLP – Pre-order now Discover[…]


HADRA FESTIVAL 2017 | France | September 7 – 10

MARTIN NONSTATIC (live act) & OPALE (dj set) will be performing  at Hadra Trance Festival 2017 in France, Plan d’Eau de Vieure. Martin will present his upcoming album Ligand (Ultimae) Hadra Festival 2017 Facebook event Hadra Festival 2017 official website


ANTON KUBIKOV | Whatness (Kompakt)

While the last Kompakt offering from legendary Russian synthesists SCSI-9 dates back to 2008, when the duo released their album Easy As Down, co-founder and techno/house virtuoso Anton Kubikov kept himself busy cultivating his own label Pro-Tez Records – and establishing a career as solo artist with a clear penchant for dub-infused soundscapes and ambient music. Whatness is Kubikov‘s first solo full-length[…]


PACT INFERNAL | Infernality (Horo)

After 2 successful, reputation forming EP’s (The Descent Chapter I & II), enigmatic musical entity Pact Infernal re emerge with their debut LP Infernality for Horo. Equal parts horror and simmering mysticism, the Pact Infernal sound has collected a base of devoted listeners including musical contemporaries like Lucy, Samuel Kerridge, Trepaneringsritualen, & Oake. Infernality is an accomplished coming of age for Pact Infernal,[…]