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15 Years With Echocord cd vinyl ultimae shop

15 Years With Echocord | Various Artists (Vinyl & CD)

The danish label Echocord Records was formed 15 years ago this year by Kenneth Christiansen. It will now be celebrated with a compilation plus a big tour around it. We are super happy and proud that we can still continue releasing quality electronic music. The compilation contains 10 tracks from[…]


ALTARS ALTARS | Small Hours (Home Normal)

The work of Moritz Leppers, the man behind the Altars Altars moniker, makes music using a variety of instruments running through his faithful old reel to reel machine. Much has been made of reel to reel in recent years it has to be said, but when you come across an[…]

Appropriation Stories SHIFTED vinyl 2xLP

SHIFTED | Appropriation Stories

Shifted‘s debut for Hospital Productions following an album for sublabel Bed Of Nails in 2013. Integrating his more searching work as Alexander Lewis and his increasingly introspective work asShifted while eloquently addressing his past, ‘Appropriation Stories‘ is a comprehensive statement of intent and Brewer‘s finest, most mature work to-date. Guy Alexander Brewer[…]

GUILIO ALDINUCCI Goccia (Home Normal) Ultimae Record Shop

GUILIO ALDINUCCI | Goccia (Home Normal)

In 2012, Giulio released Tarsia on Nomadic Kids Republic to critical acclaim. It was a slow burner , but seemed to hook people with its clever entwining of encapsulating melody and delicately place field recordings. His follow-up Goccia, takes a rather thunderous step in the direction of a bang-on classic with[…]

monolake vsli cd

MONOLAKE | VLSI (Imbalance Computer Music)

Robert Henke is back with a new album under his Monolake alias. Instead of simply being a collection of tracks, it has a deeper story. Here it comes: * In the late 1970s, a series of significant enhancements in technology further accelerated the evolution of the digital age. Graphical interfaces,[…]

PETER BRODERICK | Partners (Erased Tapes Records)

PETER BRODERICK | Partners (Erased Tapes Records)

Veteran Erased Tapes recording artist Peter Broderick set to release new studio album Partners on 19th August 2016. For close to a decade, Portland’s Peter Broderick has cut his own unpredictable path through the world of contemporary music. So far, his wanderings have led him from solo works into the realms[…]

LEGIAC | The Voynich Manuscript (Dronarivm)

LEGIAC | The Voynich Manuscript (Dronarivm)

After last year’s sophomore release, The Faex Has Decimated, on Tympanik Audio, the Legiac project is back, but this time on the Russian based Dronarivm label, where the new album feels more at home. This time, the electronic duo of Roel Funcken and Cor Bolten take on a more meditative[…]