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pop ambient 2020 kompakt

Pop Ambient 2020 (Kompakt) – CD & 2xLP + book

Pop Ambient Music is medicine against illnesses, that you don’t even suffer from. It’s giving everything, demanding nothing. Musical lotus leafs, off which the virtual wastewater of our time is rolling like the reality is dripping off the matrix.

SHED Oderbruch ostgun ton

SHED | Oderbruch (Ostgut Ton) – CD & 2xLP

The fifth studio album by Shed aka Rene Pawlowitz centers thematically on the Oderbruch region in former East Germany where the producer and DJ grew up and continues to split his time (when not in Berlin).

LEE HOLMAN Class Warfare

LEE HOLMAN | Class Warfare (Knotweed Records)

Lee Holman delivers a deep, atmospheric, dreamy and bewitching three-tracker for Knotweed. Lee explores the inner depth of his synthesizers and drum machines to come up with some heavy layered pieces of techno.

offthesky fallow dronarivm

OFFTHESKY | Fallow (Dronarivm)

fallow definition: [verb] – to leave (land) fallow (uncultivated and un-sown for a period of time). The songs herein are an ode to the still beauty of forgotten light, the smell of dust-covered memory, and time-stained fragments of abandoned space at the edge of winters past.

TEREKKE improvisational_loops

TEREKKE | Improvisational Loops (Music From Memory)

The recording of Improvisational Loops began in 2012 during yoga classes at Body Actualized Center in NYC. In the spirit of past New Age or Minimal music, it aims to open up a space within the room giving the listener a chance to explore inward or outward.

JONAS MEYER | Konfusion (Serein)

JONAS MEYER | Konfusion (Serein)

Konfusion is the debut album by Germany’s Jonas Meyer. It is a collection of pulsing, shimmering electro-acoustic pieces. A multitude of sound sources, (including piano, percussion, synth and others I can’t identify) are treated and layered up, often underpinned by a strong pulse.