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MARTIN NONSTATIC | Unlocked EP (Ultimae) - Out Now

MARTIN NONSTATIC | Unlocked EP (Ultimae) – Out Now

Martin Nonstatic‘s Unlocked EP reveals new undulations in the composer’s soundscapes; vagabonding about a circuitry of dub basslines, evanescent pads and downtempo grooves. Soundtrack to a far distance beam up, gliding through the vast echoes of space emptiness, this digital release features a cinematic drum’n’bass remix by AES Dana and introduces the upcoming LP “Pulsatille“.

Lauge AES Dana Terrene (Ultimae)

Lauge & AES DANA | Terrene Test Pressings approved

Good news! The test pressings of Terrene were approved last week and the factory confirmed today the Work In Progress for the double LP which will be in Classic Black & Skull Gold color. Pre-orders will start early June.


Winter Holiday | 8 / 16 March, 2023

Greetings! We’re taking time away to travel and immerse in sounds at the studios. The office in Lyon and the online shops on Ultimae, Bandcamp and Discogs will be closed from 8 to 16 March, 2023 included. If you’re placing an order during our vacation, it will be shipped upon our return on Friday 17, 2023. For urgent requests, you can send an email to studios@ultimae.com With our warmest regards, The Ultimae Team

CELL Onwards System Vinyl available Ultimae

CELL | Onwards System | Vinyl available now

Greetings ! We did it ! Crazy and fun at the same time ! CELL‘s Onwards System on vinyl is now officially released. All your packages are on their way to you with our gratitude for the massive show of support.

CELL Onwards System 2xLP reservation - Black and White editions

CELL | Onwards System | Vinyl Editions Update

Panoramic Greetings! Out of love we wished to release Cell’s “Onwards System” on vinyl for Valentine’s… Reality played its trick and we must postpone by a week. All your records will be on their way on February 21, 2023.

Christian Samsara - 55 degrees North (mix Soundcloud) - Ultimae

Christian Samsara | 55 degrees North

Christian Samsara‘s set contains tracks from his latest compilation “Isolated” on Ultimae Records, alongside tracks currently in his aether.