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DERU | Torn In Two (Friends Of Friends) - 2xLP

DERU | Torn In Two (Friends Of Friends)

Deru’s last record, 1979, dealt with individual human emotions. His new project, Torn In Two, zooms out and deals with human existence as a whole.

VTGNIKE | Steals (Other People)

VTGNIKE | Steals (Other People)

On his second album for Nicolas Jaar’s label, the Russian producer continues to move away from footwork, building a gloomy world that is strangely welcoming.

TRUX | Eleven (Office Recordings) - LP

TRUX | Eleven (Office Recordings)

Following a long-player Orbiter on Avenue 66 and an untitled single for Office Recordings earlier last year, mysterious producer Trux follows up with a brand new EP simply titled Eleven.

RICARDO VILLALOBOS | Mandela Move EP (Deset)

RICARDO VILLALOBOS | Mandela Move EP (Deset)

Berlin mainstay Ricardo Villalobos has delivered the Mandela Move EP, a 4-track EP of freshly stripped-back dancefloor movers saturated in brilliantly clever, unorthodox and masterful sound design.