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JAMES GINZBURG | Six Correlations (Subtext) - LP

JAMES GINZBURG | Six Correlations (Subtext) – LP

Produced using a hand drum, piano, voice, shruti box and Roland SH-101, Six correlations brings together many of the influences from the Subtext artists James Ginzburg has worked with over the last years.

NASTIKA | Black Sun (Horo) - EP

NASTIKA | Black Sun (Horo) – EP

Formerly releasing exclusively for Pact Infernal‘s label Altar, one half of Pact Infernal steps forward as Nastika with the Black Sun EP. Nastika takes the fright to the floor with a more direct fashion than his work with Pact. Sinuous, eastern tinged waves wash over percussive stomps on Yajna and[…]