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SARY MOUSSA | Imbalance (Other People)

SARY MOUSSA | Imbalance (Other People)

Sary Moussa is an electronic musician who has been active in the Beirut underground scene since 2008. He released his first full-length album Issrar in October of 2014 under the moniker radiokvm.

VLADISLAV DELAY | Multila (Keplar)

VLADISLAV DELAY | Multila (Keplar)

Multila was the third album by Finnish producer Sasu Ripatti under the moniker Vladislav Delay. It compiles the Huone and Ranta 12″EPs Ripatti released on Basic Channel‘s Chain Reaction label in 1999 and 2000.

CELL | Live in Corfu (Ultimae) - Out Now

CELL | Live in Corfu (Ultimae) – Out Now

Ultimae is pleased to present “Live in Corfu“, a classic Cell style free flowing journey of uplifting downtempo recorded live at the DOTS. event organised by Downtempopaintings last summer at the Mikro Nisi Beach Venue on the stunningly beautiful island of Corfu in Greece.

OCOEUR`| Everything (n5MD) - CD/LP

OCOEUR | Everything (n5MD) – CD/LP

Everything is the 6th album by Bordeaux-based experimental electronic music composer Franck Zaragoza‘s Ocoeur epithet. For this new full-length, Zaragoza quantumly pushes the Ocoeur sound into the depths of synth-based ambient enclaves.

CHRISTIAN SAMSARA dj set – Ultimae | Showcase #003

CHRISTIAN SAMSARA dj set – Ultimae | Showcase #003

DJ Christian Samsara created a delicate Ambient mix for the Ultimae Showcase #003 to make your week flow a little smoother, enjoy & share! Featuring music by Sonmi451, Motionfield, Carbon based Lifeforms, Miktek, Liquid Stranger, Martin Nonstatic, Eskostatic, BT Gate-X 138, Anti Shift, AES Dana, Mnemonic45.

COVID-19 | Post Office & Pick-Up Update | Ultimae records

COVID-19 | Post Office & Pick-Up Update

Our post office is now only open Wednesday to Friday so all orders from Saturday to Tuesday get kept aside and sent a little later than usual. We thank you in advance for your understanding and support.

Discover 36 & ZAKE | Stasis Sounds For Long-Distance Space Travel

36 & ZAKE | Stasis Sounds For Long-Distance Space Travel

The world has found itself in a significant hurry. We have also found ourselves in the most distracted period of time in history; finding it tremendously difficult to remain in a moment of stillness, quietude, or allow time for self-reflection.