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Our record shop is not opening today. We were informed on Friday that local authorities are closing access to the riverside platform where our building is located for structural hazard reasons. In the meantime, we carry on, we are here for all your records orders and already looking for a[…]


MYSTICA TRIBE | Island Oasis (Silent Season)

A special album created by Taka Noda aka Mystica Tribe from Japan. Island Oasis features 8 dubbed out tracks that reverberate through the forest. Featuring an analogue mix down and mastering on tape through a Studer A80, ½ inch tape machine by Stefan Betke of Scape Mastering. Drawing on a wide[…]

mindsphere mental triplex

MINDSPHERE | Mental Triplex (Suntrip Records)

In the beginning of 2016 we introduced Mindsphere‘s Mental Triplex, a trilogy to be released in 2016 and 2017/2018. The first part was Presence, a pure goa-trance album full of oriental influenced and powerful uplifting tracks. Here is now Mindream, the second opus, and this is an Ambient release. This Limited[…]

GAS BOX Kompakt

GAS BOX | Kompakt

From foggy dub techno to anthemic electronica and loop-based ambient techno, the list of acts, tracks and even genres influenced by the full-lengths and EPs crafted under the GAS umbrella between 1995 and 2000 seems endless, giving these long sold-out original releases even more of a near-mythical quality. Following the[…]

JUST EN Folds (Svårmod Records)

JUST EN | Folds (Svårmod Records)

“Folds” is the first vinyl EP release on Svårmod Records, Lett Records subdivison, by Swedish producer Just en. The EP contains 4 tracks between mental techno, dancefloor vibrations and dark atmospheres. Mastered by Vincent Villuis at Ultimae Studios Discover JUST EN Folds (Svårmod Records)

In the studio with « Mandorla » filmmaker Roberto Miller

In the studio with « Mandorla » filmmaker Roberto Miller

Vincent Villuis is currently working with “Mandorla” filmmaker Roberto Miller in our studio in Lyon on the soundtrack which will be released on Ultimae this year. It features music by Robert Rich, AES Dana, Solar Fields, Zinovia to name but a few… The film is now available worldwide from these[…]

POLARITY by Focal | going to press

POLARITY by Focal | Going to press

We’re delighted to announce that Focal‘s double compilation POLARITY is going to press this week and will be released in a month. It features Ambient and Techno works by artists such as Deadbeat, Claudio PRC, Aes Dana, Zzzzra and original designs by French plasticians Suzy Lelièvre and Raphaël Kuntz.