REMOTE REDUX | The Full Pack

Ultimae records

JAMES MURRAY & FRANCIS M GRI | Remote Redux (Ultimae) – LP/CD

REMOTE REDUX | The Full Pack


29.00 €

Release Date: December 2019

REMOTE REDUX | The Full Pack comes with :
– Remote Redux (CD Booksleeve)
– Remote Redux (Vinyl LP)
– Remote Redux (Digital 24bit)
Remote Redux (5.1 Dolby Digital)
– Cards

Product Description

James Murray and Francis M Gri‘s Remote Redux is a delicate and original response to distance and closeness as expressed by the Japanese concept Ma, known also as negative space. It’s a place of elegant dimension where Gri‘s graceful piano motifs and bowed guitar figures are carefully framed within the free flowing surrounds of Murray‘s warm synth sequences and nuanced sound design.

Having released each other’s work on their Slowcraft and KrysaliSound imprints James and Francis naturally extended this exchange into a remote London-Milan collaboration. The resulting debut is an unhurried collection of exquisitely crafted minimal ambient, tender and contemplative, a listening experience that simultaneously explores and distorts our awareness of separation and togetherness.

Written, arranged, mixed & produced by James Murray & Francis M Gri
Audio mastering by Vincent Villuis | Ultimae Studios
Artwork Design by Arnaud Galoppe & Vincent Villuis
Photo credits : Welcomia

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