Nebulae Live at the Planetarium

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MARTIN NONSTATIC | Nebulae Live at the Planetarium (Ultimae) – CD/Download

Nebulae Live at the Planetarium


10.00 €

This is the 5.1 Surround Audio version of Nebulae.
The pack includes the following formats :

1/ Dolby Digital (.AC3)
2/ Dolby Digital Plus (.MP4)
3/ Stereo 24bit (Flac)

5.1 discrete channels of High-Fidelity Surround Sound provide consistent cinema-style audio across your content using an advanced surround sound audio technology designed for evolving media. To fully enjoy the experience you need to be equiped with adapted audio installations : home theater equipment, such as A/V receivers, Blu-ray™ players, or TVs with Dolby Digital Plus.

Product Description

The Nebulae live session took place in February 2016 at the Zeiss Planetarium in Bochum, Germany and presented performances by Ultimae artists with a special dome projection by Tobias Wiethoff.
This is one of the recordings…

Martin Nonstatic opened his live performance with “Into the Nebulae” a brand new work to introduce a spaced out exploration of his Granite album. All tracks were fully reworked to create a vaster atmosphere to fill the dome. You’ll recognise the spirit, the story is something else!

Written, produced and performed live by Martin Van Rossum
Audio mastering by Vincent Villuis | Ultimae Studio
Pictures by Markus Wilwerscheid and Tobias Wiethoff
Artwork by Arnaud Galoppe