SUBMERSION & MON0 | Unison / Einklang (Silent Season)

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SUBMERSION & MON0 Unison / Einklang

SUBMERSION & MON0 | Unison / Einklang (Silent Season)

Silent Season have carried the music of Submersion and Mon0 independently before, but now the dub techno producers have teamed up to take their sound onto new plains of exploration.

The sound palette is consistent with both their music and that of the label, but the familiar dancefloor tropes have been jettisoned in favour of a more meditative end result, leading in with the achingly beautiful tundra excursion of Beginning Of The End. From there the album Unison / Einklang drifts with glacial motion through a range of finely crafted soundscapes, wielding a world of rumbling, harmonious noise in the middle distance without ever losing that seductive dub techno ambience.

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