VANESSA WAGNER | [Inland] Versions (Infiné)

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VANESSA WAGNER | [Inland] Versions (Infiné) - EP

VANESSA WAGNER | [Inland] Versions (Infiné)

Vanessa Wagner‘s Inland is a special album for many reasons, especially since it is our 50th album (released in April 2019). To continue this quest for excellence, the remixes that accompany this release had to be as magical as the interpretations of the French pianist.

The first who instantly responded positively was Kompakt Records’s founder Wolfgang Voigt aka GAS, followed by Vladislav Delay (also known as Luomo), Marc Melià, and three female producers: the aesthete Nadia Struiwigh, the young Hüma Utku, and the revered queen of the Buchla, Suzanne Ciani. This new collection revisits Vanessa Wagner‘s spiritual interpretations of some of the best living classical composers.

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