Winter Sales 2018

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Winter Sales 2018

Panoramic greetings !

First and foremost let us wish you a fabulous new year, filled with music and whatever makes you shine !
We have a good plan of releases for 2018 with albums by Master Margherita, AES Dana, Hidetoshi Koizumi, a series of EPs following up on the Polarity compilation, reprints, new audio tools, many gigs at events around the world and opportunities for us all to meet and rejoice.

Let’s start with the eagerly awaited Winter sales…
We are reducing prices on a selection of labels, you can click on the image below to reach their dedicated page and gathered all the last copies we have to offer a panel of highly recommended releases at super friendly prices.
For Ultimae releases and merchandising, type in code « uws15 » and get a 15% discount on our and online shops. Winter sales ends on February 14. 2018.

With our very best regards,
The Ultimae team


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