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STROKES | Local Crowd (Databloem) – CD

Local Crowd


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Saul Stokes is a musician from Oakland California. Described as one of today’s most eclectic electronic musicians, Stokes has been producing and releasing his own angle of electronic music for over 16 years. Stokes creates music using an array of modular hand-forged electronics to achieve his signature sound.

Recorded between 2016 and 2017 in Oakland California, the backbone for each song on Local Crowd was sonically sketched outside of Sauls studio using a Novation Circuit:
“I composed pieces while travelling on planes, staying in hotel rooms, hot nights in my backyard, cold nights in front of a fire. I then transferred each sketch to my studio to to develop further. While composing, I often looked at imagery and maps of the Southern California coast line. I’ve always been fascinated by the dreamy mixture of hazy sun, palm trees, and urban bustle. Local Crowd was composed using the following music instruments and equipment: Novation Circuit, Yamaha TX817, Moog Slim Phatty, Analog RYTM, AKAI MPC 1000, PAIA dual spring reverb, akai s2000, Korg volca sample, korg volca bass, numerous BYOC effects pedals, Delta Lab Effectron2, T.C. Electronics M3000, Ableton Live, Max for Cats, Spektro Audio, Waldorf Largo, and of course my homemade synthesizers Abstractor and Circle 16 along with a homemade Buchla touchplate keyboard.”