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Loss is the long-awaited and anticipated follow-up to Marcus Fischer’s acclaimed Monocoastal (12k1063, 2010). Fischer created Loss over several years, finding inspiration to complete it during his time at the Robert Rauschenberg Residency in Captiva, Florida, in early 2017. The album is a particularly emotional work as Fischer explored what loss means to him and how to cope with the permanence of absence. The result is decisively somber and perhaps one of the darkest, most emotional albums in the 12k catalog.

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CLAUDIO PRC volumi dinamici semantica records vinyl and cd

CLAUDIO PRC | Volumi Dinamici (Semantica Records)

Claudio PRC debuts with his second album called Volumi Dinamici, the title is a tribute to Luigi Russolo (1885 – 1947) known as one of the first noise music experimental producers. As suggested by the cover, the tracks featured in the album are totally into dark ambient and techno: each production seems to describe a fantasious and underground city, where a dense fog blurs all the feeble lights.

Discover CLAUDIO PRC | Volumi Dinamici (Semantica Records) –  2xLP Vinyl
Discover CLAUDIO PRC | Volumi Dinamici (Semantica Records) – CD
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It’s the 1 year anniversary for Temple Movement. For the very first time in Brighton we are delighted to introduce the one and only, AES Dana, coming to us straight from Lyon where the headquarters of one of the most prestigious record labels, Ultimae records resides.

By his side, we have Greece’s most dedicated & respected Dj & event promoter, Fishimself who will also be joining us alongside Mas Nalgan, founder of Brighton’s very own and first downtempo event, Inertia. Our resident OmNebula will be providing a unique set as always so make sure you come prepared for a proper journey into our temple.

Our event will be taking place in the old gothic church (Rialto Theatre) secretly located in the heart of Brighton (Only a 5 minute walk from Brighton Train Station).


AES Dana (Ultimae Records) [Live Set]
FISHIMSELF (The Place -Made in Athens- / Matsuri Digital Chill) [Dj Set]
Mas Nalgan (Inertia) [Dj set]
OmNebula (Twisted Frequencies / Alchemists / The Floating Dune) [Dj set]

Friday, October 13 at 10 PM5 AM UTC+01

Rialto Theatre

11 Dyke Road, BN1 3FE Brighton


RASTER-NOTON | Source Book 1 – Archiv 4 (Ultimae Record Shop)

RASTER-NOTON | Source Book 1 – Archiv 4 (Ultimae Record Shop)

The publication Source book 1 represents the beginning of a comprehensive and authorized review of the past 20 years of the label raster-noton. A short introductory preface by Olaf Bender is followed by a keynote interview conducted by berlin publicist Max Dax that provides an insight into the identity and philosophy of the label heads. The main part of this first “source book” comprises the extensive catalog of all releases and series published between 1996 and 2016.

The Source book 1 is limited to 1.000 copies. Its modular design allows to remove, exchange or add pages, which makes it possible to update the content in due time. A cardboard slipcase covers the 400-page, 3-kilo book and guarantees a safe stand in the bookshelf.

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JAMES MURRAY | Heavenly Waters (Slowcraft Records) - Out Now

JAMES MURRAY | Heavenly Waters (Slowcraft Records) – Out Now

James Murray‘s tenth solo album carefully charts all nine Heavenly Waters constellations. This delicately nuanced celestial meditation is many years in the making and confirms Murray’s unwavering commitment to original, emotionally weighted, concept rich music of equal parts subtle melody and inventive, meticulous sound design.

Presented on the artist’s own Slowcraft Records in a heavyweight printed package featuring artwork developed from a vintage star map of Eridanus. Carefully assembled in a custom hand-inked double sleeve design containing glass-mastered CD and a professionally printed insert.

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B12 | Electro-Soma + Electro-Soma II (Warp) - Reissue

B12 | Electro-Soma + Electro-Soma II (Warp) – Reissue

Original Warp signees B12 have announced the reissue of their cult classic Electro-Soma.

The 1993 album is available again, alongside Electro-Soma II, a companion volume compiled by B12 of other early B12 Records track of same vintage, deep cuts, rarities, and Electro-Soma I + II, an anthology 2CD set with all the tracks from the 2 vinyl volumes in 1 double-disc set.

All tracks on the reissues have been remastered from original sources and the packages include track-by-track annotation, a new essay about the early years of B12 by Ben Murphy, plus archival photos, flyers and other memorabilia from the period.

Discover Electro-Soma I + II (2xCD)

Discover Electro-Soma (2xLP)

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KRYSHE | March Of The Mysterious (Serein) - CD/LP out now

KRYSHE | March Of The Mysterious (Serein) – CD/LP out now

March Of The Mysterious is a new album by German artist, Kryshe (Christian Grothe). The album stems from music made to accompany a showing of the 1915 silent film, Alice In Wonderland. Straddling the worlds of modern classical, avant-jazz and ambient music, multi-instrumentalist Kryshe plays piano, brass, guitar and percussion with a hefty dose of electronic processing to produce music every bit as enchanting as Lewis Carroll‘s tale.

Mastering by Vincent Villuis | Ultimae Studios

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Arovane & Hior Chronik return to A Strangely Isolated Place with their second album as a duo, following 2015’s ‘In-between‘. ‘Into my own‘ finds Arovane and Hior experimenting with distinctive feelings, styles and moments throughout the twelve tracks, creating an album full of twists and turns. Featuring a similar ethereal ambience to In-between, delicate instruments, field recordings and more melodic electronic influences are now apparent, forming a tangible storyline, as the duo leave you standing on the edge of a journey unknown, lost and lonesome, a soundtrack to anticipated escapism. Conjuring many moments of discovery as you step foot into this unknown world, the appreciation of finer details and textures slowly become apparent. You wander apprehensively across fresh autumn leaves, crisp from the morning’s fog amidst a glowing soft light as day turns to night.

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WANDERWELLE | Lost In A Sea Of Trees ( Silent Season)

Amsterdam-based duo Wanderwelle return to Silent Season for their debut album which is inspired by the mysterious pagan tribes that once roamed across the European woodlands. Lost in a Sea of Treestells the tale of a lone traveller who enters a dark, ancient forest. Lured deep into the woods by something not of this world as he enters uncharted grounds. Step by step his journey is getting darker as he encounters strange phenomena and beings among the trees.

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RAW C | Antebellum (No.) - CD

RAW C | Antebellum (No.) – CD

Cristobal Rawlins aka Raw C returns to No. on his 3rd appearance for the label with his debut album Antebellum.

Channeling the chaotic noise of the bustling cityscape into an aggressive groove to combat the daily torment of the outside world, Raw C presents 9 tracks of funk filled fury with which to blast sound systems and subdue Barrios from Santiago to St. Tropez.

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WIL BOLTON | Night Paths (Hidden Vibes) - CD Deluxe

WIL BOLTON | Night Paths (Hidden Vibes) – CD Deluxe

Wil Bolton is a London-based artist and musician, whose work uses guitars, acoustic instruments, vintage keyboards and effects to create warm and emotive melodies, fragmented and submerged among beds of droning ambient textures and environmental sounds.

Night Paths is an album of dreamy ambience inspired by reveries of moonlit summer nights, walking aimlessly through forest paths. Made with a refined instrumental palette of electric guitar, analogue synthesizers and looper pedals, asynchronous loops and layers merge and collide in hypnotic lulling repetitions. An array of stomp box effects and crackling amp noise blur and disrupt these tones. Swathes of gauzy reverb and woozy delays and chorusing effects evoke daydreams and soft-focus memories.







ANTON KUBIKOV | Whatness (Kompakt)

While the last Kompakt offering from legendary Russian synthesists SCSI-9 dates back to 2008, when the duo released their album Easy As Down, co-founder and techno/house virtuoso Anton Kubikov kept himself busy cultivating his own label Pro-Tez Records – and establishing a career as solo artist with a clear penchant for dub-infused soundscapes and ambient music. Whatness is Kubikov‘s first solo full-length under his proper name, weaving airy and iridescent sonic tapestry that takes up where his excellent contributions to the Pop Ambient compilations left off.

Anton Kubikov‘s special ear for ambience and tonal spaces was always an integral part of SCSI-9‘s musical DNA that would alternate between tight dance workouts and vast melodic range – but it’s as a solo artist that he truly started to explore these spaces, following mysterious sonic trails into foggy, reverb-heavy territory. Kubikov‘s contributions to the several installments of the Pop Ambient compilation series announced the arrival of a promising new project in our talent pool – a promise more than satisfied with the immersive sound bath of first solo outing Whatness.

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