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offthesky fallow dronarivm

OFFTHESKY | Fallow (Dronarivm)

fallow definition: [verb] – to leave (land) fallow (uncultivated and un-sown for a period of time). The songs herein are an ode to the still beauty of forgotten light, the smell of dust-covered memory, and time-stained fragments of abandoned space at the edge of winters past. Read More »

TEREKKE improvisational_loops

TEREKKE | Improvisational Loops (Music From Memory)

The recording of Improvisational Loops began in 2012 during yoga classes at Body Actualized Center in NYC. In the spirit of past New Age or Minimal music, it aims to open up a space within the room giving the listener a chance to explore inward or outward. Read More »

JONAS MEYER | Konfusion (Serein)

JONAS MEYER | Konfusion (Serein)

Konfusion is the debut album by Germany’s Jonas Meyer. It is a collection of pulsing, shimmering electro-acoustic pieces. A multitude of sound sources, (including piano, percussion, synth and others I can’t identify) are treated and layered up, often underpinned by a strong pulse. Read More »

VOISKI | At The Speed Of Love (Ara) - EP

VOISKI | At The Speed Of Love (Ara)

Luc Kheradmand, under his “nom de plume” Voiski, has created a gem of a record for Ara, named At The Speed Of Love. His highly distinctive sound is distilled into 5 stunning tracks which feel both analog and futuristic. Read More »

VANESSA WAGNER | [Inland] Versions (Infiné) - EP

VANESSA WAGNER | [Inland] Versions (Infiné)

Vanessa Wagner‘s Inland is a special album for many reasons, especially since it is our 50th album (released in April 2019). To continue this quest for excellence, the remixes that accompany this release had to be as magical as the interpretations of the French pianist. Read More »

MOTIONFIELD A Clear Horizon txt recordings CD

MOTIONFIELD | A Clear Horizon (txt Recordings)

With his latest release, Petter Friberg challenges us to go beyond what we think are our limits, fully embracing a sense of flow so that both time and space are forgotten, to give us a renewed energy and joy in a more creative purpose and better quality of life.  Read More »


Bank Holiday | Back on November 4. 2019

The office and shop will be closed on November 1st and 2nd for the bank holiday. We will be back on Monday and will ship orders then. We wish you a good celebration. All the best. The Ultimae Team.

DEEP ELECTRONICS PODCAST | Ambient Sessions # 62


Deep Electronics presents a Martin Nonstatic‘s special podcast for his Ambient Sessions # 62 ; inspired by the surrounding forest and contemplative lake, which is conducive to the atmosphere of the composer’s studio, it features soundscapes by Martin as well as vocals and textures by Keeva Pfeiffer. Read More »


THOMAS MÉREUR | Dyrholaey (Preserved Sound)

Combining the poignant simplicity of Erik Satie-esque piano and ethereal Sigur Rós-style vocals, Thomas Méreur’s debut album Dyrhólaey brings his memories of landscapes he experienced on a trip to Iceland back to life. Read More »