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vatican shadow

VATICAN SHADOW | Opium Crop Airstrikes & other reprints

Declassified militarist ambience from Vatican Shadow, finding Dominik Fernow (Prurient) donning his desert fatigues for a mesmerising follow-up to his technoid outings with Ostgut Ton and Ancient Methods. It’s also the last in a series of first-time vinyl editions of previously tapeonly releases. Read More »

covid-19 - Ultimae Records & Studios update

COVID-19 update

Warm greetings everyone!

We trust you’re good and ready for the unexpected. As for us, we are re-organising the activity flow, as you might guess, to ensure we have office time to send your orders and also work from home. The Record Shop in Lyon is closed until further notice, the Ultimae Studios remain operational. As long as the post office service works, we’ll be delivering music to your door. Read More »

BERSARIN QUARTETT | Methoden Und Maschinen (Denovali)

BERSARIN QUARTETT | Methoden Und Maschinen (Denovali)

The Bersarin Quartett – after thirteen years and three epic, (bad-)dreamlike beautiful albums – have settled down with their fourth album Methoden und Maschinen (“methods and machines”). For the time being. Because at the same time many new layers and paths are emerging. Read More »

ECOVILLAGE Arrived (Dronarivm) Ultimae Record Shop

ECOVILLAGE | Arrived (Dronarivm)

Emil Holmstrom and Peter Wikstrom have been working on different music projects together since 2001, but in 2006 after a long journey around south asia they found some otherworldly inspiration to create the Ecovillage project. Read More »

BLINKAR FRAN NORR Metaphors For Things (A Strangely Isolated Place)

BLINKAR FRAN NORR | Metaphors For Things (A Strangely Isolated Place)

The debut album from Sardinian composer Blinkar från Norr covers a rich, atmospheric and melancholic stretch of territory. Metaphors For Things was born from composer Andrea Garau’s own personal experience of the world today, brought to life through currents of powerful sound and an always shifting but ever-pensive state. Read More »

ZAHN HATAMI MCCLURE Ypsilon n5md vinyl cd Ultimae

ZAHN | HATAMI | MCCLURE | Ypsilon (n5MD)

Ypsilon is the second collaboration between Uwe Zahn (Germany), Porya Hatami (Iran) and Darren McClure (Japan). The trio have also worked together on numerous collaborative projects between each other as duos, and Ypsilon album finds them back together, ever expanding their shared aural ideology into new territories. Read More »

ANNE MÜLLER Heliopause (Erased Tapes) Ultimae Store CD & Vinyl

ANNE MÜLLER | Heliopause (Erased Tapes)

A solo record in every sense of the word, Anne Müller wrote, recorded, arranged and produced Heliopause. The album is named after the boundary where the sun’s wind ceases to have influence. It is ultimately, the border of our solar system. Read More »

FOREST DRIVE WEST | Parallel Space (Echocord) | Ultimae Store - buy EP

FOREST DRIVE WEST | Parallel Space (Echocord)

Forest Drive West delivers the Parallel Space EP via Copenhagen’s Echocord, backed with a remix from Conforce. London’s Forest Drive West has gained widespread recognition as a purveyor of raw and emotive techno over the past few years, releasing material on the likes of Livity SoundHidden HawaiiNeighbourhood and Whities. Read More »


KEY Vinyl | 3 new arrivals: AUSGANG / BORDER ONE / CTRLS

We entered 3 new EPs from KEY Vinyl, the label from the mind and the taste of Freddy KAUSGANG – Output Remixes (featuring Marcel DettmannSubstance aka DJ Pete and Fiedel). BORDER ONE – Kurtosis (emerging artist from Belgium) and the new EP from the Copenhagen based techno artist CTRLS – Kontekst. Read More »

hypnus records Various Adepts Volume IV

Various Adepts: Volume IV (Hypnus Records)

It’s been exactly four years since the previous installment of our Various Adepts series and we’re now pleased to present the sequel, presenting three since-then thoroughly initiated adepts and one new addition to the guild. Read More »

KOSLIF Various Artists | Volume Two & Volume Three

Various Artists | Volume Two & Volume Three (Koslif)

Isolated percussions and gravely atmospherics blended in this new deep hypnotic sampler of Koslif. Where it’s minimal elegance, rich textures and dystopian soundscapes are taking you to the next level. Featuring artists BIAS, ARTIFICIAL DRM, VICTOR ZALA, ATYPICAL & SIDE LINER Read More »

MARCO SHUTTLE | Ritmo Elegante (Spazio Disponibile)

MARCO SHUTTLE | Ritmo Elegante (Spazio Disponibile)

Marco Shuttle is very much part of the Spazio Disponibile label family: he’s put out his Systhema album and various EPs with Donato Dozzy and Neel in the last couple of years, and now the Eerie boss serves up more of his immersive techno excellence. Read More »


ADRIANA LOPEZ | Embera (Stroboscopic Artefacts)

A staple of South America’s ever-effervescing techno community, Colombian-born producer Adriana Lopez sure ain’t no stranger to the aficionados of wild four-to-the-floor epics, having delivered the totality of her typical, custom cut bunker-busters on Developer’s Modularz and her own imprint, Grey Report, in about a decade of intense dancefloor activism. Read More »