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Ultimae Winter Sales 2019

A new year is starting, bringing in its whirlwind more music and wishes; here’s what we have lined up for you…

The Winter Sales are starting today and will last until Tuesday January 22nd; all items are discounted, be they Ultimae releases or records from other labels, type in the coupon code hpny20 (for our productions) and hpny10 for distributed records in your cart (top right) to get an immediate deduction.
And remember to check out our “last copy / sales” page on Ultimae.com for more bargains!

Last but not least, some good wishes…
Get to the point no matter how sinuous the way might seem, engage change.
The Ultimae team wishes you health and strength!
We our deepest love and gratitude.

Arnaud, Sandrine, Vincent
& all the artists

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Fête des Lumières 2018 Lyon | Official videos

Ultimae had the great chance to have its artists’ music selected to illustrate the official videos of La Fête des Lumières 2018 in Lyon ; we invite you to get a feel of the beauty and magic of this year’s edition with the teasers we are sharing below. Read More »


Ultimae Xmas Holiday 2018 | Office & Shop closed

Now’s the time to take a little rest and celebrate. We are closing tomorrow, Saturday 22nd December at 7PM and we will be back on Thursday 3rd January 2019. Until then, we send you our very best wishes.

With love
The Ultimae Team

NASTIKA | Black Sun (Horo) - EP

NASTIKA | Black Sun (Horo) – EP

Formerly releasing exclusively for Pact Infernal‘s label Altar, one half of Pact Infernal steps forward as Nastika with the Black Sun EP.

Nastika takes the fright to the floor with a more direct fashion than his work with Pact. Sinuous, eastern tinged waves wash over percussive stomps on Yajna and Sati, while the matching Black Sun tunes mark out a unique stylistic territory somewhere between techno and mysticism.

With Black Sun, Nastika further refines his crucial musical accompaniment to the indelible works of Pact Infernal.

Discover Black Sun

THE LOTUS EATERS | Desatura (Stroboscopic Artefacts) - 2xLP/CD

THE LOTUS EATERS | Desatura (Stroboscopic Artefacts) – 2xLP/CD

Lucy and Rrose, now coming together as The Lotus Eaters, have established themselves separately as techno artists who are just as comfortable operating in the uncharted area of experimental music. Running their own labels (Stroboscopic Artefacts and Eaux, respectively), they have gained a cult following, both influencing and challenging the direction of techno.

With Desatura, they explore themes of physical density, emptiness, and space, creating sonic objects which can be rotated and viewed from multiple perspectives. Eschewing the typical instrumentation of techno, the duo use synthesized sound and feedback as fundamental sources to generate both textural and percussive elements.

Discover Desatura