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Ultimae Winter Sales 2017

Let’s start the year with our usual sales which we know are always a welcome gift for you all beautiful music lovers.

From January 19th until Valentine’s Day, type in the coupon code omg20 in your cart (top right) and you will get an immediate 20% discount on all Ultimae releases and audio tools (digital / cds & vinyls / sample libraries), we also reduced prices on records from other labels we distribute and with a catalogue of over 1000 releases, we’re sure you’ll find something to your liking!
Our partner AUDIOMODERN joins the fun and offers you a 20% discount on all his music producers tools with the same code.

Oh and surprises are expecting you at the shop in Lyon, come by for tea or coffee !

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TELEFON TEL AVIV | Fahrenheit Fair Enough (Limited Edition)

The late 1990s was a fertile time in the American electronic underground. A growing body of artists, spread around the nation, were engaging in the latest round of a decades-long transatlantic musical conversation. At the convergence of hip-hop, electronic, and soul music, these artists sought to carve out their own lane. In September 2001, New Orleans’ Telefon Tel Aviv, high school friends Joshua Eustis and the late Charles Cooper, joined the conversation with their debut album, Fahrenheit Fair Enough, released by Hefty Records. A labour of love, Fahrenheit was an attempt by the pair “to contribute something meaningful” Eustis says today, “something definitely American, and kinda southern too.” On the fifteenth anniversary of its release, Ghostly International is reissuing Fahrenheit Fair Enough with a vinyl edition and bonus digital material.

Living in New Orleans in the late 1990s, Eustis and Cooper were in the thrall of two musical orbits: black America – New Orleans’ bounce, Detroit’s techno, Chicago’s house – and British electronica – Autechre, Aphex Twin, Jega. Recorded over the course of a year in Eustis’ childhood bedroom in the Riverbend neighborhood of New Orleans, Fahrenheit mapped out a potential for American electronic music in a time of hope. The music features delicate Rhodes and guitar instrumentation wrapped in a southern bounce shell, smothered in r&b, and cut up by digital rhythm programming. The tracks were meant to be “constantly, evolving sculptures.” Fascinated by IDM, the pair sought to inject “some swagger into it, loosen it up a little but also make it hyper romantic.

Discover TELEFON TEL AVIV | Fahrenheit Fair Enough (Limited Edition)


SUN RA | The Definitive 45’s Collection 1952–1991

Strut present a new definitive collection of singles released by jazz maverick Sun Ra during his Earth years, spanning 1952 to 1991. Released prolifically during the 1950s and more sporadically thereafter, primarily on the Saturn label, the 45s offer one-off meteorites from Ra’s prolific cosmic journey, tracing the development of his forward-thinking “Space-Bop” and his unique take on jazz and blues traditions which sounded unlike anything else from the period. As with his LPs, most 45s were only pressed in small runs and were sold at gigs and have since become extremely rare and sought after. Some have only been discovered in physical form in recent years; some were planned and pencilled but allegedly never made it to vinyl and some appeared as one-off magazine singles and posthumous releases.

Singles’ will be released in various formats across two release dates. All formats feature fully remastered tracks, rare photos, poster artwork, extensive sleeve notes by Francis Gooding, an interview with Saturn Records founder Alton Abraham by John Corbett and detailed track by track and session notes by Paul Griffiths. The 45s box sets each feature a hardboard flip top box containing 10 x 45s in their original artwork along with a bound 28pp booklet.

Discover SUN RA | The Definitive 45’s Collection 1952–1991


DUBSUIT | Eigenleben (Ornaments)

Eigenleben” was written and produced by Holger Flinsch & Martin Müller from March ’05 till June ’06 in Hochtaunus, Ohmgebirge and Humboldthain. After 10 years it is the first time available as limited clear marbled 180g vinyl,recycled grey sleeve.

Creating something selfexistent might be the most difficult part of doing arts – something that isn’t just a rigid thing but an entity of itself. Our goal is to bear something upon our technical possibilities without involving any other entity’s energy.

Our selfexistent entity should be made up of dead matter and brought to life by technical components which interact with their surrounding and make decisions based on observations which are being analyzed and torn through programs to calculate potential procedures. It should not be limited to its current level of experience. To remain state-of-the-art, apprehension and intelligence are indispensable capabilities our entity should be able to make use of.

Discover DUBSUIT | Eigenleben (Ornaments)

Free Goodies | a Headphone bag for 3 Records

Free Goodies | a Headphone bag for 3 Records

We’re happy to give you a free Headphone bag for any 3 records you purchase on ultimae.com and our Bandcamp or Discogs outlets and our Record Shop in Lyon.
The offer works for Ultimae records but also for all other labels and artists CDs and Vinyls we have in the shop.

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Ultimae | 51 rue de la Charité, entrance rue Mazard | 69002 Lyon | France


Good wishes to all of you

Remember that beauty exists and hope for a better world
Be creative, the arts will save us, stay strong and positive, share passion and love.
Make your dreams come true !

With all our tenderdess
The Ultimae Team


Ultimae Christmas Holidays

We will close the office and send the last packages on Friday 23rd at 1 p.m., the shop will remain open until Saturday 24th from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. ; we’ll return on Monday 2nd January 2017.
All orders placed during our time off will be posted on 2nd January.

We send you our warm wishes for a merry end of the year.

Martin Nonstatic interviewed on Da Music

Martin Nonstatic interviewed on Da Music

Dutch artist Martin Nonstatic, whose musical creations you may have discovered on the Granite album, the Remixes recently released or The Nebulae Live session talks about his composition process, inspiration, previous works and more with Johan Giglot from Da Music.

Read the interview

THE GREEN KINGDOM | Harbor (Dronarivm) - CD

THE GREEN KINGDOM | Harbor (Dronarivm) – CD

The Green Kingdom is Michael Cottone, based in Michigan. His compositions blur the line between soundscape and structure, utilizing a variety of processed acoustic and electronic sources, sampled textures and field recordings.

“With his latest album, Harbor, Cottone has refined his palette to create one of his most focused and charming albums to date. And for a guy who releases consistently strong material, that’s saying something.”Brendan Moore | Fluid Radio

Discover The Green Kingdom | Harbor


ROMAN FLÜGEL | All The Right Noises (Dial)

Many would argue that Roman Flugel has been making All The Right Noises for the best part of two decades.Certainly, the prolific German producer’s vast catalogue boasts way more hits than misses, with this latest full-length – his third for Dial – being amongst his strongest work to date.

After beginning with the slow burning, late night ambience of “Fantasy“, the former Alter Ego producer gently raises the tempo throughout, moving from the off-kilter, experimental techno hypnotism of “Dead Idols” and sparse, out-there dancefloor moodiness of “Warm & Dewy“, to the ghostly house shuffle of “All The Right Noises“, and John Carpenter-meets-Black Dog creepiness of “Planet Zorg“. Throughout, it’s hugely thoughtful and atmospheric.

Discover ROMAN FLÜGEL | All The Right Noises (Dial)


AUTECHRE | Tri Repetae (Warp)

Tri Repetae, the third album from Autechre finally made available again on vinyl, having been out of print on vinyl since 2001.

On reflection, Tri Repeate stands tall as one of the most out-there (and if you know what that means…) and boundary-pushing releases from Ae ever. Going back to the group’s roots as b-boy’s, Tri Repetaefeatures ten variations on street sounds from hip-hop and techno to industrial and jungle. Released at a time when producers were ripe with ideas for cosmic breakbeat experimentation, Tri Repetae mixed the glitchy twisted dynamics of EPs such as the criminal justice bill protest Anti and sculpted a long player that resembles some of the most ‘floor friendly’ Ae to ever grace a packed nightclub soundsystem.

The ten tracks pulled influence from previous outings, from the glacial Amber chug of Overand to the Incunabula acid of Leterel. But the overall sound is one of mixing influence from the avant-garde of Iannis Xenakis, Edgard Varese & Tod Dockstar with the mid 90’s post-hardcore sound of jungle. For anyone looking to get to grips with Ae but wanting something that bridges the gap between the early analogue escapism and the latter deconstructionist stance of elseq, Tri Repetae is the perfect point to dive into. Mixing elements of groups such as Coil at their most industrial, the austere techno of the Downwards crew and the cold yet funky electro of Man Parrish, they composed an album that still, twenty one years since its release, has one of the most singular sounds for anything resembling electro techno, and what other group can you think of who have you can say have ever managed that?

Discover AUTECHRE | Tri Repetae (Warp)


JAMES MURRAY | Eyes to the Height (Ultimae) | Out Now

Delicate rhythms, blurred atmospherics and crystalline melodies gleam and glisten on the many facets of this modern ambient gem. This is a considered, heartfelt collection of sonic poetry from one of electronica’s most unusual voices – entrusted and dedicated to ears and hearts in this world and beyond.
Available on CD & Digital formats.

Discover JAMES MURRAY | Eyes to the Height (Ultimae)
Discover JAMES MURRAY | Ghostwalk EP (vinyl) (Ultimae)
Discover JAMES MURRAY | The Ghost Pack (Ultimae)

DJ-Kicks | Daniel Avery (Studio !K7)

DJ-Kicks | Daniel Avery (Studio !K7)

The mix features three new original Avery productions including a track from Rote, a project with BleeDboss Volte-Face. It follows three years’ worth of studio experimentation in-between a life spent on the road touring the enormous success of debut record, Drone Logic, released in 2013 on Erol Alkan‘s wildly psychedelic Phantasy label.

With club culture again being attacked and many familiar nightlife institutions closing their doors, Avery is a strong proponent of its crucial role in society and remains encouraged by a current audience hungry for the new. “For me as a DJ it’s the most exciting time I’ve lived through in over twelve years of doing this,” he enthuses; “This is important to people; the noise from the world today is deafening. Looking out from the booth is a reminder that what we do together is worthwhile. This is worth fighting for.”

This DJ-Kicks album stands as a testament to the strength of the current state of affairs in underground electronic music, borne out of one of its most original talents.

Discover DJ-Kicks | Daniel Avery (Studio !K7)