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Happy New Year 2018

We wish you an inspiring & creative new cycle 2018 filled with beautiful discoveries!
We will continue to bring you new oneiric & laid back electronic music from talented artists.

With our warmest regards,
The Ultimae Team


Happy Holidays

We are taking time off for the Christmas and New Year celebrations…
The office will close on Friday December 22nd at 7pm and will re-open on Wednesday January 3rd. Read More »

La Planète Bleue | LIGAND broadcasted

La Planète Bleue | LIGAND broadcasted

With a broadcast syndication active since 1995, including Swiss radio Couleur 3 and French Radio Nova, La Planète Bleue is widely renowned as one of the most ambitious, exceptional and unconventional radio show of all time. In favors of the unexpected, the weekly show opens the doors to other worlds, other sounds and other ways of thinking by breaking geographical borders, eras and genres. La Planète Bleue invites the audience to experience different ways of observing and understanding our world without feeling settled with conventions.

Show host Yves Blanc plays Martin Nonstatic‘s “Parabolic View” from his recently released “LIGAND” album in the 949th edition, you can listen to the podcast here: https://laplanetebleue.com/podcast

Discover the compilation : La Planète Bleue Vol.9
Website : https://laplanetebleue.com/

Christmas at Ultimae

Christmas at Ultimae

As many of you asked, we wrap records and clothes with silk paper, natural thread and loving care for your Christmas gifts.
Simply drop us a message on check out…

Calcata NEEL Token

NEEL | Calcata (Token)

Best known for his ambient excursions as Voices From The Lake alongside Donato Dozzy, Neel joinsToken with the 4-track Calcata for Token 76. From his collaborations with Dozzy to his solo work for their joint-run label Spazio DisponibileNeel‘s studio experience as a mastering engineer has gained him recognition as a producer who pays great attention the technical aspects of his sound.

Discover NEEL | Calcata (Token)
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GRAND RIVER | Crescente (Spazio Disponibile)

Spazio Disponibile welcomes yet another new artist to their realm. This time the label welcomes producer Grand River for its 11th release, and one that marks something of a new direction where ambient and experimental music will sit next to more dance floor fare. It’s a direction already hinted at with Marco Shuttles full album earlier this year, and is now realised once more by Aimée Portioli. She is a multi instrumentalist, soundtrack composer and known for her deep and atmospheric sound and debuts on Donato Dozzy and Neel’s label with four lush ambient explorations.

Discover GRAND RIVER | Crescente (Spazio Disponibile)
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Ultimae interview on Ambient Zone / Spacemusic

Ultimae interview on Ambient Zone / Spacemusic

Meet Ultimae Records: Ambient Zone / Spacemusic had an interview with Sandrine Gryson, managing director of Ultimae Records in Lyon, France. We talk about the start, growth, music industry, personal thoughts, new Ultimae releases and of course…
Musique Fantastique! Read More »

Klockworks compilations

KLOCKWORKS V/A | 20.1 / 20.2 / 20.3

Klockworks is a Techno / Minimal Techno label run since 2006 by DJ & producer Ben Klock from Berlin, Germany. Its rooster of composers and DJs includes Ben KlockDVS1Etapp KyleRODTrevinoHeiko Laux and Jay Clarke amongst others.

Ben Klock is one of techno’s greatest DJs. He offers the whole package: fantastic mixing, excellent taste, an instantly recognizable sound. The Berghain resident has a remarkable ear for finding tracks that slot perfectly into his DJing style, and he knows just when to let in some light to keep things from getting samey. Klockworks, which started 11 years ago, has become a dependable label for techno tools with the occasional flashy standout. But it’s a formula that, across the label’s 20-track, six-disc compilation, is stretched a little too thin.

Klockworks 20‘s best tracks reflect Klock‘s lighter side. “Dance Of The Warrior” from Georgian producer Newa, is unusually indulgent, with a fat 303 and a melodic bassline. The late Trevino, responsible for some of Klockworks’ best records, continues that streak on the fantastic “Sombre Tones” ROD‘s thick, gaudy synth textures on “Extra” provide another highlight.

Discover KLOCKWORKS series


MARTIN NONSTATIC | Ligand (Ultimae) – CD / Digital / Vinyl

We are thrilled to announce the release of Martin Nonstatic’s « Ligand » album today.
Available now on CD and all digital formats from Ultimae and December 14th on vinyl and digital from all mainstream platforms such as Spotify, iTunes, Beatport and co.

Read below for various links to discover and purchase « Ligand » …

We thank you for your stimulating support and wish you all well.
The ultimae team

Get MARTIN NONTATIC Ligand | CD & Digital
Get MARTIN NONTATIC Ligand | Vinyl pre-order + Digital
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DEEPCHORD | Auratones (Soma Quality Recordings)

DEEPCHORD | Auratones (Soma Quality Recordings)

A foray into deep, organic, cinematic dance music. Subterranean bass, intercepted alien transmissions, and stripped down dance-beats meld with sheets of sounds that roll over the listener like waves lapping up on the shore. Shimmering, watery, brain hemisphere synchronization tones caress and melt stress away. Dance floor friendly tracks that work equally well in one s private listening space. Immersive music with a distinctive aquatic quality.
Inspired by Detroit & Berlin s dance genres, but tempered by more ambience / atmosphere than one would expect from those genres. Music without harshness or rough edges. Fuzzy, out-of-focus, soft-sounds that slip in and out of the listener’s consciousness. Uniquely melds current dance rhythms with lushness and spirituality. Synesthetic sounds that trigger sensory experiences in cognitive pathways other than hearing smells of perfumes, thoughts of colours, and altered perception of time and space.

Discover DEEPCHORD | Auratones (Soma Quality Recordings)
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JOACHIM SPIETH | Irradiance (Affin LTD) | Ultimae Record Shop

JOACHIM SPIETH | Irradiance (Affin)

Irradiance is Joachim Spieth’s first full length album, to be released on his own imprint Affin. It reflects a cycle of realignment in a carefully realized emotional journey. A constant motion through the layers of the tracks shape the sonic landscape, while evolving atmospheres provide a cohesive feel with shimmers of optimism.
The album release coincides with Affin’s 10th anniversary.

Discover JOACHIM SPIETH | Irradiance (Affin)
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