ADAMO GOLÁN | Exile And The New (Kingdoms) – LP

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ADAMO GOLÁN | Exile And The New (Kingdoms) - LP

ADAMO GOLÁN | Exile And The New (Kingdoms) – LP

Fresh on Francis HarrisKingdoms imprint comes Adamo Golán’s seven track LP, Exile And The New.

Golán is the alter ego of German artist Laurens A. Schmidt, who has been pursuing a more club-focused techno project, while developing an ever deeper fascination with experimental music, ambient and film scores. Drawing influence from his adopted homes Berlin and currently London, the 26-year-old has been uncompromisingly trying to develop his own musical voice.

Exile And The New expresses this ongoing pursuit and, being the first full-length and first ever release by Adamo Golán, marks the start of his most personal project to-date. Stretching over seven tracks, it touches upon a diverse set of sceneries, moods, and emotions whilst a distinctive sound design gives the work a subtle framework and guiding thread.

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