ZAHN | HATAMI | MCCLURE | Ypsilon (n5MD)

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ZAHN HATAMI MCCLURE Ypsilon n5md vinyl cd Ultimae

ZAHN | HATAMI | MCCLURE | Ypsilon (n5MD)

Ypsilon is the second collaboration between Uwe Zahn (Germany), Porya Hatami (Iran) and Darren McClure (Japan). The trio have also worked together on numerous collaborative projects between each other as duos, and Ypsilon album finds them back together, ever expanding their shared aural ideology into new territories.

Their 2016 release Veerian (eilean rec.) focused on free-flowing soundscapes, whereas this new album incorporates more overtly melodic sequences and rhythmic elements to widen its horizon. As on VeerianZahnHatami, and McClure paid meticulous attention to sound design for Ypsilon. The inclusion of subdued beats adds a swing to the textural layers, and arpeggiated sequences imply rhythm and momentum.

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