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AES_DANA Inks Ultimae out Now

AES DANA | Inks (Ultimae) | Out Now

What better way to celebrate Ultimae’s 20th anniversary year than by releasing an album such as « Inks » by Vincent Villuis aka AES Dana. It is with delight and gratitude that we present you this new opus, fusion of genres and inspirations, wrapped in raw paper and contrasts. Available now in CD and digital[…]

James Murray & Francis M Gri – Remote Redux | Nouvelles perspectives

JAMES MURRAY & FRANCIS M GRI | Remote Redux | Review

The excellent French webmedia Tartine de Contrebasse dedicated to the electronic musics chronicled with finesse and elegance our latest production JAMES MURRAY & FRANCIS M GRI | Remote Redux. We invite to read it. Read the review on Tartine de Contrebasse

JAMES MURRAY & FRANCIS M GRI | Remote Redux (Ultimae) vinyl LP

JAMES MURRAY & FRANCIS M GRI | Remote Redux (Ultimae) – Vinyl Out Now

We just received the LPs for James Murray & Francis M Gri’s « Remote Redux » album, looking and sounding wonderful. James Murray and Francis M Gri‘s Remote Redux is a delicate and original response to distance and closeness as expressed by the Japanese concept Ma, known also as negative[…]

ANDY STOTT | It Should Be Us (Modern Love) - 2xLP)

ANDY STOTT | It Should Be Us (Modern Love) – 2xLP)

Andy Stott’s first release since 2016 and first EP since 2011, It Should Be Us is a double EP of slow and raw productions for the club, recorded this year and following a series of EP’s that started with Passed Me By and We Stay Together early this decade.

pop ambient 2020 kompakt

Pop Ambient 2020 (Kompakt) – CD & 2xLP + book

Pop Ambient Music is medicine against illnesses, that you don’t even suffer from. It’s giving everything, demanding nothing. Musical lotus leafs, off which the virtual wastewater of our time is rolling like the reality is dripping off the matrix.

SHED Oderbruch ostgun ton

SHED | Oderbruch (Ostgut Ton) – CD & 2xLP

The fifth studio album by Shed aka Rene Pawlowitz centers thematically on the Oderbruch region in former East Germany where the producer and DJ grew up and continues to split his time (when not in Berlin).