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AES DANA MIKTEK Far & Off (Remastered) Ultimae

Far & Off (Remastered) | Translucent


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Tranlsucent 2XLP Vinyl 180g + High-quality download in FLAC, WAV & MP3

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Product Description

“Far & Off”, a collaborative creation by Vincent Villuis and Mihalis Aikaterinis, known as AES DANA and MIKTEK, has been fully rethought—remastered and graphically redesigned. Originally conceived from the essence of three EPs — Cut. | Alkaline | The Unexpected Hours — this album represents a poignant journey born from a period of extended detachment and isolation.

In today’s world, where life is saturated with incessant information, stimuli, and fragmented time, many feel overwhelmed. Some adjust, some collapse, and others, like the composers, feel the profound need to escape. Far & Off was not a spontaneous reaction but a slow culmination of necessity, not driven by any philosophical, spiritual, or religious belief, but as a natural response to the surrounding frenzy. This album is about seeking solitude, crossing into a different rhythm, and feeling the flow of time.

With this story, the artists share this experience through keys and sounds, pads and patterns, glitches, and drums, aiming to create contrasted tales that highlight life’s paradoxes, from harshness to tranquility.

The remastering and graphic redesign of Far & Off required months of dedicated effort, as we aimed to enhance every detail of this significant release in the Ultimae catalog. We are proud to present this album in both CD digipack and vinyl formats. For vinyl enthusiasts, we offer two editions: the timeless classic black and a translucent version.

Written & Produced by Vincent Villuis & Mihalis Aikaterinis.
Mastered by Vincent Villuis | Ultimae Studios.
Artwork by Vincent Villuis
C&P 2024 Ultimae
Release date: June 7, 2024