Eyes to the Height

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JAMES MURRAY | Eyes to the Height (Ultimae) – CD/Digital

Eyes to the Height


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Product Description

Eyes to the Height is British composer James Murray‘s full return to Ultimae Records, a tender and intimate ten chapter story reflecting the fragile beauty of life and loss, memory and function.

Delicate rhythms, blurred atmospherics and crystalline melodies gleam and glisten on the many facets of this modern ambient gem. This is a considered, heartfelt collection of sonic poetry from one of electronica’s most unusual voices – entrusted and dedicated to ears and hearts in this world and beyond.

James Murray’s seventh solo album follows the recent release of the Ghostwalk EP, featuring remixes by Martin Nonstatic and Kinosura.

 Heads held high
To the end of our days
On old sunken paths
Passing hollowed out ways

 Waves all recede
Light must speed away
While the hairs one by one
Turn from black into grey

 James Murray, 2016