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The Paris-based collective, led by Heartbeat & Francois X, has made a name for itself with powerful and bold aesthetics, and introducing some of the French capital’s most prominent electronic acts since 2011. 

Consequently, DEMENT3D stands more for an attitude rather than for a musical style in itself, with a wide-open set of genres and influences : from DSCRD’s experimental excursions rooted in “musique concrète” to Ligovskoï’s purest ambient drones.

In 2016, the family is growing, as the label will announce a handful of ambitious projects, among which : a double album by In Aeternam Vale, a collaborative double EP by Antigone & Francois X, a double EP by Voiski, and new projects by Hiss:1292 and Ligovskoï, with remixes by Peder Mannerfelt, Abdulla Rashim, and Polar Inertia.

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