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Founded in 2004, the Hadra Records label aims at presenting the large range of the different psytrance styles through various albums and compilations such as : 

– The progressive trance (simple and groovy bass line making the ambiances varying progressively) ;
– The dark-psytrance (fast rhythm going with dark and short sounds. This style of trance is played during the deep night) ;
– The full-on psytrance (very fast rhythm going with very psychedelic and colourful sounds and melodies) ;
– The ambient (down-tempo atmospheric style, usually melting electro and world music sounds. This style of trance is mainly played at the “chill-out” area). 

In the same time, Hadra Records aims at promoting the local psytrance artists on a worldwide scale and has become an international network between every actors of this thriving culture with international artists such as EVP, A-TEAM, AEROSPACE, KULARIS, OVNIMOON, PSYMMETRIX or ASTRAL PROJECTION.