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Maturre is the music label of Erratum galerie in Berlin :

Over the course of 2012 and 2013, three artists, James Verhille, Fiona Valentine Thomann, Damien Sayer assembled in Berlin, developing a plan to create a gallery artists-run-space where artists could be represented by artists. The format that emerged: group exhibitions of handpicked artists from Berlin and around the world, working together and alongside one another to create unique landscapes of art. Each exhibition is curated by one or the three of Erratum’s founders, who often works in conjunction with one or all of the artists to contribute to the art. These curators are often active participants in the exhibitions they nurture, readily contributing their skill and inspiration to the task at hand. Over the pasts months, Erratum is expanding through a new field of curations, and had opened its doors to shows of artists and curators.

In 2016, Erratum has created an anagramme label named Maturre, that its main focus is sound experimentation and techno music in the contemporary art field.

In July 2017 Erratum was taken over by Dean Annunziata, Franck Rausch, Raphaël-bachir Osman and Linda Franken. The new team carries on the tradition of the space by creating exhibitions in collaborations with a variety of artists without any restrictions in medium or thematics.